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Hello all. I just joined here... I'm about to buy a new Murano tomorrow. As you all must know, I'm very excited about it. I've done my research over the last few months; test drove about 6 different SUV's, and went to the Nissan dealer yesterday to negotiate. I ended up walking away asking for time to think about it.

1st off, let me say this site has been very helpful and thank you all for sharing your thoughts over time.

2nd, I have some questions that maybe your opinions might help me with.

- I'm looking to get the SL, AWD fully loaded except the NAV. I'm thinking about the Charcoal leather over the lighter color, Caffé. I'm also going with the Platinum color over the midnight blue which my fiancée is trying to talk me into.

My first question is, does anyone have the Caffé Latte leather over the charcoal? I'm wondering if it is too light, showing a lot of dust and dirt.

My second question is about the value / price. The invoice on this car is $32,592. I was able to chew them down to $32,100 before the manager came over and sat down and explained this is absolutely the lowest they could go. He said he could throw in 2 oil changes if that helps, but the price is the lowest they can go.

Is that true??? I'm thinking I got a value, but I was wondering if anyone paid way below invoice?

Any other negotiating tips would be very appreciative. Also... I loved the test drive. It was a fun COV to drive !! : )

- TheGymKid
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