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AC Delete via Serpentine Belt 2009 Murano

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MIne: 2009 Murano

Normal use Serpentine belt: 67in spec'd and need to find smaller to delete AC

Reason for AC delete: AC making bad nuts and screws in the clothes dryer noise, and screamed at us last night upon engine start up. No time to assess it but it sounds like more time than I have to pull the AC pulley with a puller,, yada yada. Oh, not to mention consideration for AC compressor replacement,, mmm the whole thing required to replace "to do it right!". I need the vehicle now, and I dont have $2G to do it right,,, not now at least.

AC delete Serpentine belt size required: 54.5inches -> K070539 (7PK1371),,, 7 ribs-> I purchased from Oriely's Auto Parts.

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Method of determining AC delete belt size: I used a tailors tape. Flexible measuring tape you can find at most grocery stores for very cheap. I routed the tape throughout the pulleys the same as the belt (smooth to smooth and rib to rib) except I simply did not include the AC and found the size to be "exactly" 53 inches with no tensioner applied. Therefor something a little longer would be required. The only next size up I could find was a 54.5in. Just tell the associate (Advanced/AutoZone/Oriely's etc.) the circumference you need and they will type that in find it. I asked for as close to 54inches as possible because I read that length at the following link. Note that the link I am referencing was the wrong pulley configuration and ultimately the wrong belt size. That size shown in the video was like a 32in circumference,,, waaay too small.

Currently works good today on 20 minute 10 mile test drive. Driving on!!

Good luck to you!
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Nicely done. This may help someone in the future if they search the problem...and the technique you used should work on any year/model.
I got a belt that's 53.9 I'm going to see if it works it's all auto zone had or all they said they had hopefully it works out
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