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I've recently purchased my first Murano and am loving it! Only issue I'm having is taking advantage of the Bose sound system.

This car was original sold in the Japanese market and then was imported into New Zealand used so all controls and labels are in Japanese which is further confusing the issue for me. As far as I can tell the factory stereo has no Bluetooth connectivity despite having the phone button on the steering wheel controls so I am looking for options to add a an aftermarket upgrade to be able to connect my phone to the system, ideally via Bluetooth or alternatively via aux cord. I'm not complete novice to car audio upgrades but this would be my first of an integrated system, all the others I have done have been pretty straightforward head unit swaps/speaker upgrades.

  1. Has any one out there added an adapter to the factory Bose system, can you recommend a product?
  2. Can i replace the main Bose head unit/screen without losing the functionality to the reversing camera/aircon display?
  3. or am i a complete idiot and there is bluetooth already available and I just need to work out how to connect to it?
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