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I have a 2012 Murano SL AWD since new. This isn't a mechanical problem with the car. My wife forgot to shut the car off and got out and walked away with it running. We were both inside a building and the car was in a parking lot, I had driven separately. My question is, does anyone make some kind of shut off timer as GM, Ford and Chrysler and toyota are adding to their new cars with push button start? After this happened I did some research about potential deaths from CO poisining after leaving it running in a garage at home. Apparentlty there's a trend of this happening and the death rate is rising slowly each year. So I'm looking for a mechanical solution that I don't believe there's an aftermarket for yet. I called a Nissan dealer and that was no help. Just putting this out there. I know the easy answer is to remember to shut it off and it the car beeps at you if you walk away from it running but she didn't catch that. Thanks!
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