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Has anyone had an issue with their allignment being slightly off? I noticed it on my Mo after only a few weeks and spent a good part of a day off at the dealer taking care of a few minor problems, i.e. rear rattling noise as well as the steering... Afterwards, the steering wheel seemed perfectly straight for a couple of weeks and then out of the blue, it was off again! I recently read a few similar complaints on this site and then I read the auto review issue of Consumer Reports (4/04). They liked the Murano but said they couldn't recommend it due to a STEERING DEFECT!!! What's up with that? Of course no word or warning from the dealer... I guess I've got to make another trip and they've got some splainin' to do...:3:

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THe key to the aligment is that it is changing.
That is almost certainly a loose steering rack.
It is covered by this TSB

Service Bulletin Num : 03065
Date of Bulletin: JUN 25, 2003 View Document
Component: STEERING

The steering issue that CR talks about is different and is explained in the CR evaluation of the Murano and on their web site.
It has to do with the power steering "going away momentarily" if you move the steering from lock to lock at a very slow speed.* It "May" havebeen addressed on the 2005s.
Nissan has no plan to retrofit any fix to the 03s or 04s

You can keep track of Murano TSBs at


* need to explain the Consumer Reports thing better....

IF the Murano is being driven VERY SLOWLY,low RPMS really, and you move the steering wheel RAPIDLY from full left to full right or The opposite, you will feel the steering wheel get very "heavy" as the ability of the power steering pump is apparently exceded.
It is a particular PITA for me, as I learned to Parallel park many moons ago using that exact procedure.

I suppose it could be a safety issue, but I have never had it happen out on the street. I suspect that once the RPMS hit..... say 1000 RPMS..... there is always enough power to move the wheel. Also of course, once you are moving forward or backward at a bit of speed, it is very easy to move the steering wheel.

Some say that it does not appear to be present in their car. Could be.
Obviously it was present in the car(s) tested by CR and it is present in mine(and others here on the forum)..
When I took it in to attempt a repair, I happened to mention that "all the Muranos" should have the problem.
The service writer said that was not possible.
So we took the keys and went out to see if 3 of his lot queens had the problem.
He got in the first one and proceded to show me that it drove just fine. I got in and did the above procedure. It failed.
Oh he said, Let me try that. It failed. So did the other two.
He "supposedly" called NNA, but they, or the dealer, never got in touch with me.

Meanwhile we heard here that NNA had acknowledged the problem (I'm sure that thrilled the guys over at Consumer Reports.I know it thrilled me. Sheese.) and said that it would be addressed in the 2005 model.
Somebody else will have to go check the 05's. I have lost interest in the problem.
I have also lost interest in Nissan, but that's another matter for a different post.
I still like my Murano.
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