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I am just wondering on the dealer attitude in handling this obviously-bad-murano-alternator case.
(Lots of failed alternator).

Any of alternator-replacement claim being rejected?
Any of the dealer try to blame your alternator failure on aftermarket accesories you've installed such as:
- audio amplifier, subwofer, or speaker system
- in car computer (laptop)
- cooler case from walmart,
- dvd entertaintment system or hi-end in car audio system
- higher temperature xenon bulb (8000K)
- in car cellphone charger
- hard wired radar to the car
- Grubbs Infiniti XM radio kit
- custom fog light/driving light
- other electronics?

When the alternator fails, you get replacement free of charge if still within 3yrs/36,000 miles right?

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I just got my MO back from the dealer and had the alternator replaced. There was no issue with my dealer and they just told me it's under warranty.

I brought the car in for an overdue oil change and tire rotation at 9k miles. The alternator should be under warranty. My dealer is really good and they even gave me lifetime oil change.
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