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What's up everyone, just picked up myself a 2004 Nissan Murano SL AWD

She is black, fully loaded with a sunroof!

I love her, picked her up last Saturday, and this coming weekend, HIDS, yellow HIDS for fogs, front grill painted black.

I'm shopping for some 24's, and trying to find a good deal on a nice double din DECK for her.

Today she is getting a FULL detail, showroom condition.

I can't wait to have it the way I want, since the gf has a nice little Versa I've been modding for her, had to come over to the Nissan family.

Next purchase will be a 1998 Nissan Skyline GTR, in blue! my dream car!!!

Anyone from Ottawa here, any Murano enthusiast?? :D
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