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Actuall the MO, will disengage the AWD once it hits 30 km (19 miles) so there is no difference driving with the lock on/off when youa re above that speed. once you drop below, it puts it on..

one difference I have noticed is that there seems to be more "engine breaking" if the AWD is locked.. then when it's not..
and I notice there is a bit of a "nudge" (I was going to say thud, but it's not audible, or every noticable) then it drops into the lock mode..

for me.. I lock it if the roads are very icy/rough/steep hills/lots of corners.. if it's just regular winter driving I leave it off...

mfreed said:
I researched everything about the MO except the AWD system before I purchased. The MO AWD is more of a Automatic 4x4 system. No center diff, therfore driving on dry surfaces /w the system locked will beat up the drivetrain.

It's an OK system which works great in snow, but is not near as good in rain like Quattro or the Subaru AWD systems.
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