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[b]I Drove one in Vegas[/b]

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I drove one in vegas and i liked it very much. The questions i have are what does the L do with the tranny? The dealer did not know to much about it.I did not try it but what is passing gear like can you accelerate on the freeway to pass someone in a hurry?
It did have a little grumble when taking off but that might be because it was different. Has anyone sean what the tow hitch looks like on the Murano? I have not sean one in any of the books? I have driven the Lexas it was a very rough ride and the seats were hard. I drove the new Volvo which was nice but costly, i have the pathfinder and they are great but the murano is very nice i think this is the one. Any other feedback would be a help.
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I have been unable to find out any towing info/capacities for the Murano. I wonder if towing is a no-no due to the CVT?
I was able to find towing information on the Nissan Murano web site.

Maximun towing capacity (lbs) 3500
Maximun tongue weight (lbs) 350

They also show a class II Receiver hitch in the accessories section for $349.00 retail
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