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Turn on the TV.
See all that water?
Much of it got into both lot and private Muranos.
Some were completely submerged.
Still are for that matter.
Hundreds of them. Maybe thousands.

After the insurance company does their thing, many of these cars will be put on transporters and brought to your area for resale.

It will be weeks or even months later that your new (to you) Murano starts displaying the attributes of a "flood car".
Intermittent Electronics and smell are usually the first problems.
Wheel bearings and other moving surfaces that are not supposed to be submerged will cry out for lubrication (Even including the Propeller Shaft that people talk about around here now and then ;)).
Long term, rust problems develop.
All in all, not a good experience.

CARFAX can help.

Do NOT buy without checking your VIN.
And do NOT accept a car that had a "salvage title" issued. (Ever)

Buyer Beware

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