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I work in a job that tells the public "If you don't have to go out stay home". But, in order for me to do that my boss kind of demands that we get to work!
On Feb 17 this year the Philly area got dumped with 18" of snow. Drifts were 25 to 30".
I have a 25 mile trek one way to work. I bought the Murano for just this day.
(In the last 30 years, 3 times I could not make it to work in my Z. It was just to low.)
I went out that morning and said oh sh*t! My 90 300ZX was completly buried.
The drift infront of the Murano was 36 inches high. I shovled the top 12" and said screw it, let's go.
I locked it in AWD for the first time. I was tentative with the gas the first time. Bogged down. The second time with 1/4 throttle it plowed right through!
The Murano handled like the pure throughbred. Made for this weather. Wow!
Never slipped. I made to work 15 min late. I love this ride. Roll on!
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