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So after trying different OBD2 scanners on my MO I came across this one, there are a lot of YT videos of folks who have tested this one out and the reviews are REALLY high (over 10k at 4.5 starts). Anyhow I got it half an hour ago, plugged it in, ran the app on my phone which connected to it.. Updated the firmware first, it has 2.3.9 and its latest firmware is 2.5.9. After checking all the modules on my MO (which is a 2009 SL AWD with 137812 miles on it. The app doesn't let me choose if the vehicle is in KM or Miles. And its was super thorough. My TPMS issue is a battery issue on my one of tires, but I might just have all 4 TPMS replaced. There is even a section there were it talks to the CVT and reports there is a problem; in the report it will give you a list of working suggestions of things you can do for each problem issue.

I highly recommend it hands down. It cost me $100 CAD shipped to my door. I have paid at least that for cheaper OBD2 scanners. My brother who's a mechanic is surprised at the detail I got.

I will add links a minute to a couple of my reports as examples.

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