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I'm in the DC metro area and local dealers got theirs late on 12/11. I bought an SL AWD the a.m. of 12/12 (I think I may have been one of if not the first buyers in the area?).

Mine's silver with charcoal leather, loaded with everything but the nav system (know how to read a map) and tow package (which apparently isn't available for a year and a half?). I even added the mudflaps, crossbars, wind deflector, dog divider, cargo protector, entertainment system, LoJack, sealant, etc., etc. Got the truck itself for $100 under MSRP and dealt heavily on the add-ons, plus 2 years of free oil changes, life long loaner car, etc. Paid too much in general (invoice was about $4,000 less) but I have one!

Note that I found that the cold package seemed to be "included" in the price. It wasn't broken out or charged for separately in addition to the other packages (premium, leather, sunroof). It may be included now in one of those packages, maybe leather, at no additional cost.

The dealer where I bought was charging $3,000 over MSRP but I didn't budge. My guess is that people may have to pay MSRP or just under for now (and I'd imagine for a while, at least in this area; not too many coming in for the next several months and no one seems to be selling for under MSRP except maybe Carmax, and they've only got one or two). Advice to buyers, pay MSRP or close to it if you can find one and want it right now and try to save your money in the add-ons and stuff like free oil changes, etc. That's the only place you're likely to have some leverage, in my experience.

And, they're few and far between out there and there's more interest than you might think! Most dealerships around here only got one or two in and are only expecting a handful more this month, a handful more the next ... And there'd been 7 people in before me and I got there at 10:30! I felt lucky to get one when I did, I and I think it was only because I've bought 2 loaded, top of the line Pathfinders and a tricked out Maxima in the past 2 years (but not from this dealership) and came in ready to buy. I knew more about these things than the dealer ...

And it's sweet. I've gotten lots of looks and someone practically jumped me as I was driving it off the lot. Quiet, smooth balanced ride, lots of power, lots of room, VERY nice ... Lots of storage, lots of gadgets and conveniences ... Something I thought was cool was the the subwoofer mounted inside the spare tire well. Always a question about where to put a sub in a truck/SUV and this was a great idea that I hadn't seen before. The only complaint I have so far is that there's an annoying rattle behind my right ear somewhere, sounds like it's in the pillar area. Haven't uncovered the culprit yet ... Suspect this is not a common thing and is probably easy to fix/rig. And I thought the small windows in the back would bother me, but the outside mirrors are so huge that it hasn't mattered.

I'm from Alaska originally and I have to wonder how these things are going to hold up in the cold. Lots of plastic pieces (like the d-rings in the cargo area) that may snap. And wonder if the display for the heat, stereo, etc., will work in extreme temperatures.

All in all, GREAT vehicle. Highly recommended ...
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