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When I first got my MO I had a brake pedal vibration when braking. The dealer turned the rotors under warranty... now about a year and a half later, same thing. So I brought it in for a rotor turn with the expectation that I would have to pay for the service this time.

Much to my surprise the dealer tells me that they will repalce the pads. My first thought was that I was going to have to pay, then my next question was really how much of the pad was left... can I look at them." I was surprised that pads were needed since I'm pretty light on them.

Then the dealer explained a little bit further that there is a TSB for the pads which includes the rotors being turned and installing new pads. So I left with new pads and rotors turned covered under warranty. I also asked if they would rotate the tires since they had the wheels off... and they did it for me again at no charge.

Now, that was a pleasant surprise over the typical Nissan dealer experience. Nice. I'm a happy thinner than should be rotors, camper now.
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