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Well I got it now! Brand new Black 2004 MO SL AWD with sunroof!

Already 600 km in it (over the weekend) and so far so good:

The goods:
1. No breaks noise (in forward or reverse) yet.

2. No (important) rattle yet. That said, since the CDs are stored vertically in the central bin, they makes quite some noise. I will switch my plastic cases to cardboard case ASAP.

3. No locking myself out yet.

The bads:
1. Terrible radio reception, I know there is a TB something on that but Im not confident the "screw it harder to the roof" will make much difference. Anyone tried a different anthenna?

2. Windshield liquid sprays are weak. Its Ok if you are at a full stop (it covers pretty much all the windshield with the spray, but at 100 km/h (i.e. 60mi/h) it doesn't "wet" more the than the first third of the windshield. Not acceptable to me. Anyone can confirm if it is a design flaw? It is adjustable?

Overall, I'm trilled with the car! I like it and it looks so good!

I will be looking for crossbars and ski box for my MO in the next weeks so if you have some good products to recommend, let me know.

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