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Can someone describe the sunroof? is it glass or steel

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how much noise etc. fortunately I am not worried about infringing upon head room just want to know what the sunroof is made of and if the deflector decreases wind noise at highway speed? I guess the radio antenna is another potential source of noise intrusion, but that has no solution.
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The sunroof itself is glass. I haven't noticed a lot of noise on my test drives.
there is the standard cover that reduses noise and you can get a wind deflector as an option to reduce noise when open. I didn't notice any wind noise on our 1st test drive, but didn't get to drive it very fast or very long.
Sunroof Info

I've had the roof open at freeway speed and it's a bit noisy. I'm going to get the wind deflector for my Murano. I'm a big guy and haven't noticed any loss of headroom from the sunroof. Out here in Arizona, I'll use the roof a lot during the fall, winter, and spring.

Marc in Phoenix
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