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I've almost never have a problem moving large boxes, wood, and other building supplies in my Murano. Just need plenty of quilts to protect the inside of the car.

Last year I was at HD and as I went in the store, I saw a young couple walking a very large fireplace out to a small Subaru hatchback, parked across from my car. One look and I knew they weren't getting that huge box into that little car.

Ten minutes later I came out to hear the couple arguing. They had a wedding in several hours, couldn't get someone to pick up their box. Wife wanted to return it, husband wanted to leave and find a friend while leaving the wife with the fireplace.

Doing a mental measurement, I was pretty sure that with the back seats down, the Murano would handle their box.

So I went over and said something stupid about getting a watermelon thru a key hole. After a little lol, I asked them where they lived, about 20 miles away, and offered to transport their box home for them.

Needless to say, they were a little weary, a strange old man offering to move their $800 box. I pulled out my wallet and gave the guy my driver's license to hold to ease their mind. After loading the box (Fit quite easily, seeing that they didn't think it would.) and getting their address, just in case, I followed them home.

Once there, he had about 5 large friends to help get in into their home. Not one of them had a large car! I was glad to help. Told them to pass it on next time they see someone in need!

Have a good day.
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