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A rock broke the passenger side fog lamp(factory issue) lens and eventually the bulb failed.
I ended up buying a complete new fog lamp kit on Ebay, it was about the same cost as buying a single OEM replacement lamp.

Changing the passenger side is not fun, in fact I do not think it is possible to change the bulb alone, easier to pop out the whole light.

You have to take off a chunk of plastic trim under the assembly, and peel back the front of the wheel well liner. You'll then find that the windshiled washer fluid reservoir is smack in the way, and not at all easy to get out - in fact I gave up trying. It is possible to reach in with one hand (the left) and using a socket get out the single retaining bolt. You can then push the fog lamp assembly forward, through the bumper and either change the lamp or the assembly.

The drivers side is easier, just remove the plastic and you can likely change the bulb alone.

I noticed that the lamp assemblies scratched the bumper housing paint when the lamps were installed again.
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