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College Kid Wants Nissan Murano

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I have my eyes on the Nissan Murano since it first came out. I test drove it a couple times and fell in love with it. Unfortunately, I'm a college student and can't afford the luxury of owning a Murano YET. However, since I'm doing so well in college and I'm spoiled by my parents, they are willing to help pay a portion of the Murano as a early graduation present. I was wondering when is the best time to buy a Murano. Would the Nissan end of the year sale be a good time to buy a Murano or it doesn't matter?
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You can great a great deal on a new 2004 MO right now. There are still alot of dealers with 2004 stock. You might really have to hunt for what you want as far as options and color combinations are concerned. Just know what you are willing to settle with. Who knows you find a mO with all the options you want and color combination you are looking for. Good luck.
Thanks for the tip. I prefer a black or white AWD Murano. Other options...I don't think i can afford it. Hopefully the dealers over here in Massachusetts have some in stock.
Check do a build of what you want and then it will ask you to search for local dealers. That should give you a good idea of thier stock.
From what i recall..

3 things:

Nissan give BIG rebates for college graduates/college will-be-graduates. What you need is a proof that will show that you are graduating. A letter from the bursar/student records admin office is adequate.

The college graduate rebate is on top of the Nissan instant rebate
Also, dont forget that Nissan financing service also have some competitive rate for colleg graduate. You can do "Double dipping " here.

Get the 03 or 04 model.
For an 03, get a used one
For an 04, get one that still left over at Nissan dealer.
Or get the base S 05 murano.

Good luck.
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wow, that's good information!! Thanks SugarRush
Also Check out for a competitive bid to take to the dealer. The current cash back on the Murano 2004 from Nissan is $1500.

What are you majoring in and where?
Good Luck. :D
I'm a junior at Bryant University in Rhode Island. I'm going to be majoring in finance and minoring in legal studies and political science. I'm a commuter from boston and it's a long drive to school. I can't wait to get the Murano, then I have nothing to complain.
Agree with all the info - get an 04 or 05 Base S.
I just got a 05 SL and I got no options on it at all - we have to buy two cars as my wife and I moved from the UK and she's got her eye on the Mercedes C-Coupe.

The MO is fab - you wont regret it! My dealer in Atlanta was reducing 04's by $1500 as discussed plus more if I was interested.
just got mine 2004 SL with only floor mats, splash guards, and rubber cargo protector for 26300...28200 out the door (taxes, license, etc...)

I bypassed the $1500 and got 1% interest instead.
that's a really good price. Were there a lot of the 2004 left in your area?
Congratulations, NOW study hard and make youself and the great Parents proud. :D
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