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Breakdowns happen. As a matter of fact, even if you drive such a reliable vehicle as a Nissan Murano, you may find yourself on the backside of the road if you neglect the signals your Murano sends you. Their understanding and well-timed actions will help you avoid a frustrating driving experience and extend the service life of your vehicle.

What problems does the Nissan Murano have?
1. Engine mount failure
A failing mount is a common issue on 2003-2015 models whose owners reported a thumping noise and excessive vibration when driving their vehicles. It can be caused by fluid leaks, an accident, and even an improper mount installation. If so, the only way to fix the problem is to replace the bad engine mount.
2. CVT transmission problems
While commonly referring to the first-generation Murano, SVT transmission problems may also come up in 2015 and newer models. You may experience a sudden forward surge, shuddering on low RPMs, bad gear engagement, and poor acceleration. If you face any of these problems, get in touch with your mechanic as soon as possible.
3. Brake issues
Nissan Murano is equipped with plenty of safety features, including an automatic emergency brake system, which detects obstacles like other vehicles or pedestrians and triggers emergency braking if the driver does not react immediately to the obstacles. Although, in some cases, the system can detect nonexistent obstacles, applying emergency braking when this is not necessary.
4. Creaking panoramic sunroof
Murano’s panoramic sunroof is made of too-thick glass that is prone to rattling and can even explode. To prevent such an unwanted turn of events, reinforce it with a quality sealant and enjoy the night sky year in and year out.
5. Poor EGR valve
Some Murano owners complain about rough idling and power loss together with the black smoke or hot oily smell. This problem may rise from a bad or dirty EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve, which needs either replacement or cleaning.
6. Bad seat adjuster assembly
The driver’s seat frame on the Murano has a relatively short service life, especially if the seat is adjusted frequently. That causes the seat to move from side to side with the driver in the seat, making driving unsafe and uncomfortable. In many cases, the seat adjuster assembly can be repaired, eliminating the need for its replacement.

Despite the problems described above, the Murano is a very reliable vehicle that will serve you for years to come if properly maintained. All necessary parts for its maintenance together with an array of aftermarket parts and accessories for your custom projects, you can always find on the Truck&Gear website: Nissan Murano Accessories and Parts at Truck&Gear. Visit us today to find out more about our products and services.

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Could you please tell me the purpose of this post?

6. Only in '03 and only the first 6 months of production, bad weld on the driver's seat frame. I had that issue.

5. The first I've ever heard about an EGR valve, which the Murano doesn't have. The Murano scavenges exhaust gases by leaving the exhaust valves open for a fraction at the beginning of the intake stroke.

4. "Murano’s panoramic sunroof is made of too-thick glass that is prone to rattling and can even explode." I've only heard of this issue once, and they weren't even sure how the glass got blown out.

3. Another 1-year (2017) production issue. Bad Bosch sensors and alignment issues from the factory. Another issue I had.

2. Way overblown. Nissan's CVT failure rate is no higher than any other automatic transmission. CVT's are just more difficult and more expensive to repair and replace than a standard automatic transmission. More money just means that people will be complaining loudly.

1. The 3rd gen Murano features an electronic front mount that thumps when cold. Again, another issue that's mispresented.

I thought as a vender, you'd be featuring ads showcasing your products that help make the life of a Murano owner easier when faced with real issues. So far, I've only seen an article that seems to be more of "fear" hype than anything else.

Have a good day.

Hello. Thank you for your feedback.
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