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The CVT is VERY different than a traditional transmission. I thoroughly understand how they work and what I am feeling when it happens. It would take pages and pages of text to adequately explain all the proper workings of the CVT that tend to feel different than we are all used to.

I find the CVT in my Murano to be the smoothest tranny I have ever owned! It does feel VERY different than what I am used to, but seems to always have the best ratio for city driving and especially when I get into the mountains... Remember, the CVT is not for everyone. It is designed to be efficient (for what it is), smooth and thoughtless. "Sporty" driving and things like "peeling out" are not an application that could be expected of the CVT. Even though I have a FWD SE; I have childishly "smoked" a front tire in a turn on a very occasion. I don't think the AWD model will be doing this...

I have been driving "Mo" for over a year now and find I am so acclimated to the CVT that when I get into a "geared" car I REALLY notice the shifting! It doesn't feel un-natural for it to be "shifting"; but it does feel like allot of extra work after being used to the CVT in Mo....

I am thrilled with my 20+ mpg I can get on the open road when I am being conservative. My "Mo" is a heavy car that displaces a lot of air. No matter how efficient the drivetrain is, there is allot of weight to get moving and allot of mass to get the air around. We have to be realistic about that.

The other thing, I notice that the CVT is so smooth it tends to shade my sense of acceleration. I will be out-accelerating other traffic frequently with ought realizing it; while un-knowingly using more gas. I find that if I accelerate at about 1500 rpm, I am moving with traffic and getting much better mileage.

I have 24,000 miles now and "Mo" is running better than ever! I am also achieving much better MPG numbers than I expected. After the first 10K miles I expected the improving MPG numbers to level off, but it seems that they are still improving over 20k miles... I guess it just keeps getting better. Yay!
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