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First off I want to say thank you for all of the help and advice that I have received from this site over the past 10 years of owning my Murano. I have been a reader of this forum but not a member for years and wanted to give something back after all these years. I currently have 116k on my 2006 Murano and noticed fluid leaking from the corroded transmission cooler line attached to the CVT cooler. The original Banjo fittings were corroded and leaking on the bend at the end of the transmission line. After I cleaned up the area, I noticed that the original fittings were shot and needed to be replaced. The first thing I did was check this site for help and I found a few posts (joeS) about this and decided to tackle it myself. The other post on this site mentioned that the new fittings only come with a new CVT so buying them new is out of the question. I checked around locally for the fittings and bolts but eventually found the parts online that would work. (amazon) I also bought a new cooler line (20 inches) for the upper fitting because the new shorter fittings are not as long as the old ones. The bottom cooler line was longer and I was able to cut a bit off of the end and reuse it. I also bought a qt of Nissan cvt fluid to replace what was lost and that had come out during the swap.

First image is from Dreamcar5683 . New Fittings and Bolts on my 06 MO.

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