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Hello everyone
already escuse my english, i am french :);) and i do not totally measure your language.

I have a Nissan murano V6 3.5 Allwheel drive 2006 quite rare here!!

I have a problem with the CVT transmission (I guess)
I have the error code P0725 Engine Speed Input Circuit Malfunction

My Murano has no power or torque. it is very very difficulte to exceed 80 Km / H (50 mph)
I changed the crankshaft sensor and the 2 camshaft sensors
I still have the same problem:cry::cry::cry:
I checked the connection at the TCM box, it's ok.

How to control the TCM case? can we change it without reprogramming? I am not equipped for!

Thank you in advance for any advice or feedback.

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