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Cvt oil change

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If you are going the change your cvt oil u must replace both filters, the one in the oil pan which is actually a strainer and there's a filter in the oil cooler bolted to transmission with coolant lines and oil lines connected to it, 9 times outa 10 that filter is blocked up.
Here's what it look like
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We know, I discovered that months ago. Posting the proper part number and where you got it would be nice. And your year of car.
Redline I remember that. And huge thank you for reposting that. How is your car going?
Hey Chidog,still going strong,just over 6000 miles from rebuild.:cool:
That is great news. And awesome job you did.
Thank you so much,I would like to find a another transmission for cheap that needs some repair,and do the work again,just for fun and keep it for spare one in the future.
But in SA that is not so easy.
If its out of the car yeah maybe. But then me I don't need another project.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts