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03 MO SL, w/12K miles. Love the car, and zero problems ... but:

I continue to have a sense that the CVT isn't programmed to provide optimal power to drivetrain, under hard acceleration. Here's my argument:

1) Try this... while going down the highway at 55 mph, floor it. Engine revs quickly to 4500+ and makes plenty of noise, but I get the feeling that the computer selected CVT ratio is too high.

2) Now... still floored, at around 70mph, let slowly off of the accelerator .... notice the surge in acceleration? It feels like an afterburner is kicking in. Is this my imagination, or is the CVT allowing a more optimal gear ratio (and torque to wheels) when engine power is reduced?

3) The feeling, I suppose, is much like being in a speedboat (or airplane?), with a variable pitch prop, and flooring it, and then adjusting the prop pitch when the boat/plane comes up to speed.

4) I've not tested yet, but I suspect that a better 55-80mph acceleration time could be had by NOT flooring it, and seeking that optimal engine RPM to torque range?

Please understand, I'm not complaining... the MO acceleration is wonderful ... I just want the CVT to be everything I want it to be.

Here's my question (Nissan engineers, wouldn't it be great if you were really here ... are you listening?):

Couldn't the CVT programming be updated via software, to provide a more optimal ratio for acceleration, OR, is this a designed in software "governor" to insure that the CVT belt can live to 100K+ miles? I'd really like to know...

Other long term MO owners... what are your thoughts?
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