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07 murano
Have had a problem with the fuel gauge drops down and says low fuel, and has full tank.
Now speedometer works but fuel, temp.,tachometer stopped working. Brake and abs lights on.
Blinkers stopped working and a hi pitch alarm sounds with the emergency flashers fluttering on dash.
While driving higher speeds the car feels like it is rocking... not cutting out but feeling like it is.
And then it will all work again fine ...

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Your battery is suspect, as a variety of problems occur when they're ready to crap out. You have listed a bunch of things, but they could fall under "my bad battery is making my car crazy."

Start it and put a digital multimeter from + to - terminal on the battery while it's running. You should see 14.4 volts or so right after starting it. With the engine not running you should see around 12.5 volts. If you're not seeing the correct voltages, you have a battery problem, an alternator problem, or both.

Also, check your fuses. There may be more than one problem. In most cars the dash lights are on the same circuit as the taillights, and this is on purpose. If you have no dash lights, that's telling you that you have no taillights.
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