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I have a 2015 SL that I purchased last January. I only have one issue with my Murano and that is with the headlights set to "Automatic" the dash lights and driver's display along with the GPS map won't come on until the sun has been up for an hour or hour and a half. As I'm wearing sunglasses by then reading the display in front of me is neigh impossible to read so I usually have to turn the headlights off manually to get the center and driver's display to light up. I've tried adjusting the Settings for when the lights come on but regardless of which setting I use the results are the same and which lights are they referring to? I presume headlights. I located the sensor behind the windshield and it is free and clear of any debris so I'm at a loss as to how this may be corrected.

Any assistance would be very much appreciated.


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