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Denville Nissan (Denville, NJ)

I bought the car there because it was closest to me at my old residence.

The one salesguy I had, Tony, was great. Really pleasant, no pressure. I'd work with him again in a second if he were at another dealership.

That's where the positives end.

I talked with several managers who were pushy and agressive (ie - "Well, WHY don't you want to purchase today?" "This is a great offer, you'd be foolish to pass it up" walking away in a huff...). In addition, they kept me waiting for close to two hours while they "drew up the paperwork." God only knows what they were doing.

Service -- took a month to get a new CD player in. At that point, I was in RI for my wedding and then gone for my honeymoon after that. When I returned, I called and asked to make an apointment. The only apointment available was 2.5 weeks later. I asked the receptionist if the part would still be there when I came in. I was repeatedly assured that it would be. Of course, when I go in, after waiting a half an hour while they looked for the part, I was told it was shipped back.

NEVER AGAIN. I've now got a new home, and a new dealership that is my next post for more info!

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