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Doesn’t go forward or backwards, but still rolls

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We have a 2010 with 160k on it. we had the transmission rebuilt in 2020 and have since put 30k on with very little transmission related issues until now.

Couple days ago my sister took the Murano out and was able to roll down our steep driveway in reverse but when she went to drive away it didn’t go forward and seems to be in a limp mode (doesn’t rev about 3.5k rpm). Have checked the fluid level and at the time it was fine, took it to the shop that performed the rebuild and they read the codes and said there were a few but didn’t tell me which ones. Also the guy that did the rebuild has since retired and they no longer have anyone that works on CVT is so they don’t seem like they want to mess with it. Also called local dealership and they seem uninterested in these damn CVT is.

Has anyone had this problem and was able to fix it without replacing or rebuilding the transmission? It seems like it would be some kind of electrical or fluid issue as there was no previous signs to any slipping or any sounds she said whenever she had drove it recently. We also just had the fluid changed 3 months ago by valvoline so it’s not an old fluid issue as far as I’m aware.

Looking for ideas of what it could be, and how to diagnose it I have a code reader that I believe should be able to read the Nissan transmission codes but I wasn’t able to get to it before it got sent to the shop. I can also ask them for the codes
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I can also ask them for the codes.
Yes, do that and post the codes here.
I know one was low secondary pressure, will get the others soon
Very first thing to do is check all battery ground points, start at the battery and follow the wire to all the point is connects to. Need to be clean and zero corrosion in or on the wire and where it connects to.
Codes yes. It would be nice to know what was done at that rebuild. Did they update the flow control valve? What was done with the valve body? It could be something simple and something not simple, like seal rings etc.
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Yes, do that and post the codes here.
Only code that was being read was PO 868 Low Secondary Pressure. Guy in the office said that usually means the pump is done, is this true?
That code P0868
Most always the flow control valve is leaking. Its in the pump casting so it all comes out together.
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