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I've read a few threads in here about various MO's having power window issues, mines "seems" a bit unique, so I wanted to post and ask if anyone knows if my symptoms are the regulator, motor, regulator needing reset, or something else.

For a few weeks, my driver side window would not roll all the way up with the auto up feature. It would start, and then hit the 1/2 mark and go back down. I was able to fully engage the switch to roll the window all the way up.

This week, the window actually stops in the same position it was previously going back down from, even when the switch is fully engaged. It will not roll up using just the switch. I can grab the window and give it a slight pull, and then the window will roll up to 3/4, I give it another little pull, and then i can finish rolling it up. I have to roll the window down every morning to show my badge at work...if I roll it down short of 3/4, i can roll it back up just fine...if I accidentally go down past the 3/4 up position, it won't roll back up without the little tug. Now i'm getting nervous thinking the guards will find my partial window roll down suspicious and will make for an uncomfortable get out of the vehicle moment. It seems these specific window positions are significant as, those stopping points, the window appears to respond to the switch and motor appropriately...which means I likely answered my own question and it is the regulator needs reset or replaced.

Thanks for the help in advance.
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