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well it was a glum rainy day today so while waiting for the shipment of our new murano to come in, i found out that the new Subaru suv was in showrooms ready for test driving. so that's exactly what i went to do.
first impressions: well there not exactly first impressions since i've been researching this vehicle quite a bit. at first it all looked wierd to me. the front end with the bulbous nose, the rear end that looked like it came off of a spaceship. i liked how the tires were nice and wide giving it a more sporty stance. from the exterior it seems kinda wide but by all means it isn't.
interior: the interior is well nice. the gauges give your the full sweep on start up which i love and are LED illuminated. but they are set kinda low. if you put your arm at the top of the steering wheel you end up covering either the tach and the temp guage or the speedo and the fuel gauge. but it's nice. the steering wheel is small and sporty. if you've been in an FX you'll know what i mean. It's kinda on the thin side though, dosn't allow you to grip it nicely.the dash is massive and all plastic. everywhere you touch is plasic which is alright to look at but not so nice to feel. the controls look simple but are pretty complicated to use. small buttons make you end up searching for climate settings and hide behind the shifter. navigation is alright but i like the birdview better. the leather is perforated and to me it makes it look like vinyl but it is a little more rough then the murano's. there is less hip room for the front and rear passengers and also far less cargo space in the rear. ohh there are no squeeks or rattles!!
performance: the 3.0L H6 sounds really nice but it is a bit sluggish. the 5 speed tranny is hunting quite a bit for gears when you give it some gas. but the thing does handle nicely. we took an offramp at 70km/h in the rainy wheater with the stock 255 goodyear ls's and the thing was glued to the pavement. the symmetrical allwheel drive is a dream.the suspension is stiff but soaks up the roar imperfections and there is minimal cabin noise. the steering is a bit overboosted for sportier driving though.
Final thoughts:
overall a nice suv considering it's subaru's first attempt at a crossover. a bit more horespower and a bit more refinement would make it a much more serious competitor. i'll be sticking with my murano for now.
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