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Thousands of Nissan All-Wheel-Drive vehicles are being recalled over seatbelt and fuel tank safety concerns.

The car manufacturer says seat belts in about 2000 recently purchased Nissan Murano vehicles could be severed in the event of a frontal collision.

It says the outer rear seat belt webbing could be cut by the sharp metal edge of the rear seat back hinge.

"If the webbing is completely severed, it can increase the risk of injury to an occupant in a collision," Nissan said in a vehicle safety recall notice placed in newspapers today.

It also said: "In the event the front tyre runs over a sharp object and propels it towards the rear of the vehicle, it can potentially strike the front lower edge of the fuel tank, thus damaging it."

The recall was "merely a precaution" and no such incidents had been reported in Australia, a Nissan spokeswoman said.

Owners of the $52,990 vehicles bought between August, 2005, and February, 2006, are being urged to contact Nissan dealers to arrange for their vehicles to be rectified.

The spokeswoman said the problem could be fixed in about 30 minutes and owners would not be charged.

The VINs of the affected vehicles lie within the following ranges:

- For the seat belt issue: JN1TANZ50A0 000007 to JN1TANZ50A0 001276

- For the fuel tank issue: JN1TANZ50A0 000007 to JN1TANZ50A0 002631
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