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Low FOB battery...

In the five months that I've owned my '12 Mo SL, I've never put the FOB in the socket. The Mo did tell me one of my FOBs had a low battery with it in my pocket. I just swapped it for my other one and will replace the FOB battery per the owner's manual.

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Although the life of the battery varies depending
on the operating conditions, the battery’s life is
approximately 2 years. If the battery is discharged,
replace it with a new one.
When the Intelligent Key battery is almost
discharged, insert the Intelligent Key into the
Intelligent Key port to start the engine. Replace
the discharged battery with a new one as soon
as possible. For more details, see “Push-button
ignition switch” in the “5. Starting and driving”

If the battery of the Intelligent Key is almost
discharged, the guide light *B of the key port
*A blinks and the indicator appears on the dot
matrix liquid crystal display. (See “Dot matrix
liquid crystal display” in the “2. Instruments and
controls” section.)
In this case, inserting the Intelligent Key into the
port *A allows you to start the engine. Make
sure that the key ring side faces backward as
illustrated. Insert the Intelligent Key in the port
until it is latched and secured.
To remove the Intelligent Key from the port, push
the ignition switch to the OFF position and pull
the Intelligent Key out of the port.
The key port does not charge the key
battery. If you see the low battery indicator
in the dot matrix liquid crystal display,
replace the battery as soon as possible.
(See “Intelligent key battery replacement”
in the “8. Maintenance and do-it-yourself”

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Did you ever figure out why your FOB was ejecting and not locking in? My FOB is doing this!
OP has not been on the forums in 7 months. Best guess is that someone jammed something into the key fob holder or there is a manufacturing defect that results in premature failure of retention spring. I never used mine in 8 years except to test out functionality.
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