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After being told by numerous dealers and Nissan Australia that it couldn't be done due to the headlight washers, I've fitted some murano foglights (OEM) brought via ebay (cheap and getting cheaper)

Only tricky bit was bending part of the bracket holding the headlight washers due to the limited space on the washer bottle side. Once this was bent back, the foglights dropped straight in, the bolt went through the headlight washer bracket, plastic bumper and screwed into the foglight bracket as per non headlight washer models as you can see on other threads in here, and the headlight washer works same as it did before

It's a little tight at the rear of the foglight with the bulb touching the bent back washer bracket and this in turn almost touching the washer bottle on that side. The other side is much simpler.

Still trying to see if say the X-Trail or Maxima indicator swich with foglight switch will swap over and work, but am happy at moment using fully independent wiring with radio remote switch.

Just a quick note of thanks to everybody who've been contributing info on this site as it made it easier to get the panels off, work behind the water bottle, etc etc
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