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Front camera at Amazon

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The front camera on my 2016 Murano Platinum was cracked from a stone hit, so the view was very fuzzy. I searched online for a replacement and had sticker shock at the prices I found - $260 to $290 - on sale - plus tax, shipping, etc. I kept looking and found one with the exact same part # 284F14BA0A - on Amazon for $53.23 + sales tax. I have Amazon Prime, so shipping was no charge. It arrived in 2 days, installation took me about 45 minutes due to removal of several push-pin retainers on the grille cover under the hood. The round chrome NISAN emblem pops off - by carefully prying with a plastic trim tool. I replaced all the push-pin retainers, as they are available cheap on eBay: 50 x Bumper Splash Shield Hood Engine Push Clip Screw Rivet for Nissan Infiniti 715668952430 | eBay

This is the link for the new camera at Amazon. It says it is for a Rogue, but is an exact fit for 3rd Gen Murano - and probably other models: Automotive-leader 284F1-4BA0A Front View Auxiliary Camera for Nissan Rogue 2014-2017 2.5L QR25DE 284F14BA0A 284F1-4BA1A : Electronics I think the front camera is the same on 2015 - 2018, not sure newer than that. You should find the camera part number by just popping the NISAN emblem off first, then order a new one if yours is cracked/broken like mine below:

Auto part Composite material Electronics accessory

Box/pn 284F14BA0A of new camera from Amazon:

Rectangle Font Electronic device Electric blue Magenta

Hope this helps!
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Great find! It's comforting to know there is a lower cost option to replace a camera if I need to.

The product page does mention it is compatible for 2015-2019 Muranos. I suspect it will work for all 3rd gens.

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The cost of the camera is high from Nissan as it is sold with the grille. My grille was damaged when it was hit in a parking lot and the replacement came with a new camera. I grabbed the old one off the grille to keep as a spare.
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