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Has anyone seen the front grill for the new Jag XKR? XKR - 800x600.jpg
This the type grill I was thinking of for the Mo.
Actually, just a black piece behind the lower grill would be a great rock stopper. But I was also thinking of a stainless or chromed steel version for the top grill.
Wire diameters up to .25" can be had for mesh. I think the Jag uses .105 or there about for it's grill. I had a more close up pic of the Jag grill somewhere that showed it using the wire pattern at 45 degrees making the openings diamond shaped---was very cool.
You can have this mesh in anything from aluminum to titanium---including copper--an interesting idea for you copper Mo owners.....

Just a thought!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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