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Although my state does not require a front license plate, I have a front plate that highlights one of my interests.

A local dealer wanted $50 for the factory bracket. I decided to get an aftermarket front plate bracket instead, such as the Dorman bracket (available from many auto parts store or amazon). Note that you also need extra screws and plastic screw retainers that go into the square holes in the bracket: 2 to 4 screws to fasten your plate into the bracket, and 2 screws to fasten your bracket on your front bumper.

None of the holes on the Dorman bracket match up to the dimples on the front bumper of the 2019 Murano (the dimples are about 10.5" apart), so I drilled extra holes in the Dorman bracket. I also put a couple of plastic spacers between the Dorman bracket (which is flat) and the front bumper (which is curved). I measured several times before doing any drilling, then: (1) Used a 5/16" drill to drill holes in the Dorman bracket where I wanted to mount to the front bumper; (2) Used a 5/32" drill to drill the dimples in the front bumper; (3) Inserted plastic retainers in the bracket, and screwed bracket (with spacers) to the front bumper using #14x3/4 sheet metal screws; (4) fastened my special interest plate to the Dorman bracket.

I'm satisfied with the install. The front plate is below the grille, but above the radar cruise control sensor. The bracket is "sturdy enough." A finished photo is here, if anyone else wants to do something like this. Note that I put in the bracket with the black lip up, so that you don't see the back of the front plate from the front parking camera.

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