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Hey all,

First time Murano owner here and living in California. I'm now driving a 2022 Platinum AWD following my 2019 Honda Passport Elite and prior to that 2017 Ford Escape Titanium. In a past life, I owned a 2001 Pathfinder for many years. It's tough to not compare the features and tech between my 3 most recent rides but still haven't found the perfect vehicle with everything the way I want it!

I'm thankful the Murano doesn't have a disclaimer on the infotainment display every time you start it up ("drive responsibly blah blah") that both the Passport and Escape enforced.

The Passport also beeped incessantly for stupid reasons such as if you close the tailgate but don't lock the doors first plus it had some phantom beeps for no apparent reason.

I'm still trying to figure out some of the warnings of the Murano but at least the pitch of the beeps isn't as high as the Passport. One annoying thing is that the sonar alerts when I leave my driveway every time even though there's no oncoming traffic.

The blindspot alert location is better on the Murano than the Passport but the Escape was better to me since it was on the actual mirror rather on the inside of the vehicle.

Both the Escape and Passport had an auto-lock feature that would lock the vehicle when the FOB/smart key left the area (about 15 feet away). I really liked this feature but it appears to be missing from the Murano (at least I haven't found the setting as of yet).

The camera resolution seems inferior to both other vehicles but they only had rear cameras so can't complain too much about it since I like the extra cameras.
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