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I was wondering if anybody on the forum is willing to look at their stock back-up camera and maybe identify some wires for me. Here is the scoop:

My 04 Mo did not come with a back-up camera. I got my hands on an Infinity QX45 back-up camera that has a 4 pin flat connector and I need to identifity the wires. I will hook it up to an aftermarket monitor. I believe that the power requirement to the camera is 6 Volts (according to the diagrams). Maybe not. I am hoping that somebody is willing to put a voltmeter on the power lead and measure the voltage.

I looked at the diagram on the 05 Mo and on the RX Infinity and I can not match the color of the wires.

With the key up, the wires connected to the pins on the connector, from left to right are Red with Silver dots, Black with silver dots, Yellow with Silver dots and White with silver dots.

They have to cover Positive (6 or 12 V ) ground, camera+ and camera-.

The camera has a few numbers on it: 28442 CG000 model GP-KD621RV

Do any of the numbers make any sense to anybody ? Thanks for any help

04 Glacier Pearl
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