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Hi all,

I am new on this forum as well as a brand new '03 Nissan Murano owner. (I love it!!) My husband and I are currently Sirius subscribers and had an external receiver on our old car. We are very interested in purchasing the equipment necessary to run the sat. radio through the stereo already installed in the car. This way we can have the convenience of using the SAT button to listen to the sat. radio. We contacted our dealer only to find that they wanted almost $700 for the equipment and installation, which is a little pricey for us. So if we could find a cheaper price, that would be great too. Also, we have read in several different places (namely, threads on this forum) that the '03 Murano is not wired for sat. radio installation and that the wiring would also need to be purchased. Any confimation on this?? So, my questions are:

1. What exactly would we need to purchase to make it possible for the satellite radio to come through the radio already in the car?

2. Would anyone know a site or phone number to contact about getting cheaper prices on the equipment?

Thanks for reading and any suggestions!
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