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El Pomidoro!
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Hi guys,

I have been frequenting this forum ever since I bought my Murano and I must comment that the people here are great.

As with just about 99% of you here, I love my Murano dearly and I want to keep it healthy.

For about two months I have noticed that my RPMs have been intermittently been more liberal in its revving in the 0 - 50MPH when it used to rev 1200-1500RPM. I've noticed also that the engine braking has ceased and the car drops to 1000RPM after releasing the accelerator where it used to stay at 1200RPM. When slowing below 18MPH the torque converter releases and a slight lurch is felt which is normal. No release is ever felt when slowing below 18MPH. Usually changing to Ds mode helps bring back the RPMs to normal until I hit another stop light.

What I believe to be the problem is the torque converter either never engaging (thus the increased RPMs while accelerating and the lack of engine braking) or premature disengaging (above 18MPH). Potentially the computer controlling the the CVT may be on the fritz?

It was quite common for me to reach 420-440 miles to the tank driving conservatively. This has been the case since I first got the car and for most of my ownership. Since about the time this anomoly began I have noticed that my tanks last me to the ~380 mile range with now deviations (besides wind, weather, etc).

I brought this up with the dealer but "No defect was found."

What I am asking is for people to monitor their RPMs in the 0 - 50 MPH range both accelerating conservatively and while coasting. Please report back here to let me know of your findings. Your assisstance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Leo Wolfe

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had similar problem - torque converter not locking up. Service engine soon light was on in this case. Please see the thread:

cvt problem
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