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I just got my MO over thanksgiving break and I LOVE this car...or SUV...or crossover. I had to switch cars with my dad for a week and now he wants to keep my car..haha!! He was driving a chysler town and country before. We both love the way the MO smoking other cars is doable and fun!

When I was looking for an SUV I was gonna get the Jeep Liberty Renegade at first then I went to test drive the Murano just for comparison. There was no turning back...I had to get this car and have it within my budget. I just wanted leather seats and no sunroof...This was so hard to find since everything in the murano comes in packages which equals to MO money. Well, I found an ad on the paper that had exactly the specs i wanted and for the right price so now I have my own beautiful MO....she is gangsta! My aunts said the black MO looks like a mafia car...kool.

Ima try to post a pic...I'm gonna put a roof rack later when it gets to my dealer.


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