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After reading and reading this morning, I went to Walmart to buy the Silver Stars to replace the headlights and the fogs..

(don't know everyone who contributedto the thread, but ) HUGE KUDO's to those who discussed and gave detailed photo's on the diffrent brands and the installation of the headlights...

The Fogs however were a different story... Not sure what redesigns NIssan did, but... when changing out the driver's side fog, installation was great.. (not the exact same as the pics (but I have an '06) but to be expected...

When I took off the wheel well of the passengers side, I found and hit the wall... The "wall" is actuallty another fluid container, I think the windshield fluid or something else... in any case, I hit the wall, didn't know what to do, and put the driver's side back on....

On a side note, I noticed that the headlights came with phillips, and the fog was a sylvania..

Guess a change on the headlights is better than nothing.. any ideas????

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