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Total number of speeding tickets you & family members got while driving your murano:

  • NONE: I am stealthy, cops never get me ;)

    Votes: 38 64.4%
  • 1 to 3 tickets: it was bad luck

    Votes: 19 32.2%
  • 3 to 8 tickets: murano is so fun to drive

    Votes: 2 3.4%
  • more than 8: i live my life dangerously.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
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driving your murano?

This includes:
- ticket given by cops and undercovers
- photo camera ticket being mailed to home (as in autobahn).
- tickets given to a family memeber driving *your murano*


Murano has been around since 2003
So assuming you buy the murano early in 2003 and if you get - around 4 tickets, it means you get a ticket every 6 month.
around 8 tickets, it means you get a ticket every 3 month
more than that.... driving license suspension?

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one, and no in Murano. It was many years ago driving through Australian Outback...........cops got me in the middle of about "revenue raising"..............

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knock on wood..

I had 28 points by the time I turned 21. I still break 100mph two to three times a week. I haven't gotten a speeding ticket since I don't know when, and I've been radar-free for six or more years, with many, many trips to Florida (and now Los Angeles!) Its all in technique, awareness, and "playin' it off". Didn't get one in the Xterra, nor the Jimmy before that. Not even the bright red Cavalier before that. In the Daytona? Maybe? Actually, summer '96. 8 years. Near Altoona, PA. 77 in a 55 in a Hertz rental. Now, driving while suspended? Totally different story ;) I just found out the other day that my license expired 45 days ago! Got it renewed today.

Oh, for folks in an around PA, check out for free VIN etching events. My wife and I drove an hour today to get the Mo and '02 Sonata done. Saved over $600!

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it has been Very close for me

but I guess I was in God's favor those times.
The Lead Sled (a 73 caprice with a 454 cop interceptor motor) purred at 100, smoked the tires at will--even at 70... the wife bet me I would get a ticket in less than 6 months, she won, it took two.


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I got my 2nd speeding ticket in 35 years!!! I guess I shouldn't complain. But, HOW DARE THEY??? I was just going along singing with the radio and there they were with the radar. I was going 49 in a 35!!! I was going slow compared to other times when they could've got me. It'll cost me 62 dollars but I have slowed down a bit since then. :4: :cool: He said it shouldn't affect my insurance or points.

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My wife got a 71 in a 55 on rt 17 in South Carolina near Charleston.

It was partially my fault.
We changed drivers in an abandoned gas station out in the country.
She asked me what the speed limit was.
I said I didn't know (dumb) but that it changed every 100 yards (joke) from 35 to 45 to 55 to 65.
She said "well, we are in the country it must be 65."
She went a few hundred yards and saw a 55 sign and slowed down.
The unmarked car followed us for about 5 or 6 miles before pulling us over. We had no idea what we could have done as she moved the speed around in sync with all the changing signs and was unaware of the cop.
She is a safe driver.
He informed us that back when she first took off from the station he had her at 71 in a 55 but would write it at 65 in a 55.
It was her first ticket in 20 years.
I haven't had one since 1977 in NJ.

The Murano had nothing to do with it.
We have owned several cars that were much, much faster than the Murano.
It was just a speed trap ticket IMO.

Only cost me $77.


Here in Florida, on US 301, we have big billboards as you come into Lawtey and Starke, Florida, identifying these towns a SPEED TRAPs.
The signs are paid for by AAA.

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Ok, I probably just jinxed myself, but none in my MO (have almost had it for two years now).

My last ticket was two years ago Mother's Day weekend (right before I bought the MO)... Funny thing about that one, I had already been to defensive driving for a ticket earlier in the year, so I worked out the logistics of deferred adjudication (def adj) with the Austin PD. (For those of you without this, it's absolutely great.)

Not sure about outside of TX, but here's how it works here. If you get a ticket, normally you have to remain clear for one year and take defensive driving. Since I got a second ticket before my year was up, I did the def adj (pay the ticket, take defensive driving AGAIN, and the city holds the ticket for 6 mths.) If you stay clear for those six months, the ticket doesn't go on your record. If you get another ticket, your def adj ticket goes on your record, the new one goes on your record, and you have to pay for the new one.

So here I am, trying to get to my second defensive driving class in less than three months, and .................................

You guessed it, got pulled over for speeding!

The cop was hilarious. He's like, you going somewhere. And I'm like, yeah, defensive driving! Luckily, I was truly lost, was trying to use my NAV, and had no idea what the speed limit was since I had never driven the road before. He was super sweet and just let me get to class! Not even a warning! Makes for a great story though.

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