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I recently bought a used OEM DVD Player with the monitor (unfortunately with only partial lid assembly) and need help to assess the level of difficulty of the installation withe missing parts (FM modulator and console lid for DVD player). I have the following preliminary questions:
1) Can I keep my center console lid and attach the partial monitor assembly to it? Anybody has experience with this?
2) If NOT, can I buy separately the center console lid specifically made to attach the OEM monitor? Anybody knows where I can find one used for sale (color charcoal)?
3) What is the the best way to get the factory sound (FM modulator, Wireless FM modulator or PAC)?
4) Which FM modulator has the best audio performance (Audiovox, FMM100A, Clarion FM200, Kenwood KCA-20FM or Power Acoustik EFM-100,...)?

Thanks in advance for the help, any pictures or/and advices on the installation would be very appreciated (I already have downloaded the MES install document for a M05 available on the Lee Auto website)
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