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I went into North Texas Nissan, last week, to get new front tires on my MO. A short time later, when I picked up my car, it had a very hard time starting.

Long story short, the dealers computers had been down, so my car wasn't ID'ed as being on the altenator recall. The car still started and got me home and I garaged it until the following monday when I took it in for the replacement. Nissan covered all but 4 bucks for my rental car while it was being fixed. Also, the battery had been drained to the point of needing a replacement so Nissan paid for all but 30 buck of it.

I got my MO back and everything is perfect. Except having to reset all my radio station and memory seats ;)

BTW, I have to give a thumbs up to North Texas Nissan in Denton, TX. IMO, they have continued to do an outstanding job in servicing my vehicle.
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