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I miss my MO's nav. When I traded the MO to get the Pathfinder I new I would eventually upgrade the radio with a Nav unit. So here I go. I bought an eclipse avn5435. I had the choice to install it in either the pathfinder or my VW. You know I had to pimp my v-dub first. The pathfinder will be next. Anyway the radio is awesome and highly recommended. It is a vast improvement of my previous radio and nav experience in the mo.

This thing is the ultimate machine for your vehicle. It has DVD nav with voice guidance. It plays all media like MP3 DVD etc. Most important is the sound though. It is an tremendous improvement. It is almost plug and play if you buy the VW harness and the factory amp never gets touched.

The physical install was a little tricky because the new radio is smaller than the Monsoon unit. The bezel had to be custom made. I just bought some aluminum at Home Depot.

The one aspect of the radio I hated was the fact that the night illumination was green. I am sure you know that pissed me off and clashed with my beautiful blue and red illumination. I had to do something about it. So I took the radio apart and soldered in new red leds. WARNING! This is a very risky mod and if you do not have experience with re-working pcb's then don't bother trying this. The LEDS are surface mounted on ribblon cable and are no bigger than the tip of a pencil. These puppies are amazingly tiny. Specialized tools are required to remove surface mount components without destroying the board or even worse the ribbon cable. Here are some pics.

So now that I am love witht it I will promptly get one for the Pathfinder so I can pimp it out too!
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