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i have noticed recently that sometimes when i go to start my murano, it will you know, try and start a few times, and then start, or i have to take the key out and try again.

The few times this happend it was after i left the car in the parking lot all day at work on relatively hot days.

I had a maxima before, and never had this problem in the same lot in the same spot. a friend of mine has a maxima and said they have similar problems, but it seems related to the inline at wich she parks her car.

there is maybe a slight incline where i park, but hardly.

my murano has about 800 miles on it, and i am surprised to see this problem already, i am gonna call the dealer about it, but i was wondering if anyone else was having this problem.

I use premium feul, and have followed all the recomendations for the break in period.

- Nick
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