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Hi Everyone!
Last weekend I helped my son install a 500 W amp and dual 10" JL audio subs in my old Explorer. Although in my late forties and not a fan of Rap/hip/hop? I did appreciate the improvement over the (what I thought was decent) premium JBL with stock subwoofer sound system. ( I put 100K miles on that vehicle)

I read with great interest Dookie and Generator's audio improvements as well as old posts regarding the Infinty Basslink.
My son spent nearly $700 and I could just imangine what Dookie ,Generator and simplesb must have spent.

I had fully intended to upgrade the same way but had some difficulty ordering the PAC Oem-1 and associated cables. I also dreaded the power wire and RCA cable runs.

I decided to give the Basslink and the Infinity Kappa Tweeters A try in my Mo. At around $300 I was comfortable and did not have the Wife calling the guys in the white coats. Although she thinks I am having a mid-life crisis trying to keep up with 20 year olds.

I only had time this weekend to install the Basslink. I am pleased with the improvement. It does not compare with my sons but it does not require the room nor the installation time.

I used the trailer harness connector for power and ( again thanx JAAK for the wiring ) the existing sub speaker wire to the Bose sub for signal. The Basslink has speaker level inputs and auto turn-on functions with a servo controlled 200 W amp driving a 10" sub with passive radiator. ( in .7 cu ft )

As another poster to this board mentioned simply unplugging the existing Bose sub allows more power to the remaining speakers and they sound better. I agree. The Basslink is definitley a huge improvement. I will give it a listen this week to see if I need more.

Next weekend I will install the tweeters. Had I not purchased them already, the improvement to the existing tweeters the Basslink provided, may have caused me to think twice about replacing the tweeters.

Funny thing is I left the bose sub in place as the spare tire lock screw is too long to hold the spare without it!

If the Basslink doesn't live up to expectations I may decide to go with a single 12" sub and amp. People are selling used Basslinks on Ebay, So this would not hurt as an experiment.
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