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So, reading the usual news aggregates (slashdot, digg, etc...) i come across a article about rfid implants and controling things you wouldnt otherwise think about controling by just waiving your hand in front of it

not that i readily wanna inject a piece of plastic under my skin, but, latterally thinking as i usually do, it popped into my mind that maybe i could use the same pass to enter my office which is rfid, to also unlock my car and start my car that has the inteligent key


a: does anyone know if the inteligent key is RFID and
b: how do you program a new key to control the car ?

i have this grey thing on my key chain that lets me into the office, it says HID on it and has a string of numbers printed on it that we pass into the security system to allow me access.

anyone thought about this at all ?

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